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With them we are safe to set the sails

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Alexela_web_450x250 (1).png

Title Sponsor

Alexela is is an Estonian energy company that operates in three areas: energy, the metal industry and property development. Their strategic projects for the coming years are the development of an LNG terminal in Paldiski Estonia, increasing the use of liquid gas as vehicle fuel and increasing the volumes of electricity generation and shale oil production.


Alexela as a large corporation, with great local impact, in addition to environmental initiatives, has for years considered it important to give back to society through supporting the fields of culture, sports and charity.

The Vice-President of the Alexela Group, Marti Hääl, stated that Alexela has supported sailing for its entire 30-year history since maritime culture was in the childhood upbringing of its owners. "Sailing is an excellent sport and supporting it on different levels – from children starting in the Optimist class to offshore sailing – is taken to heart at Alexela.”


Host Sponsor

Every year, the City of Tallinn supports title competitions in various sports and major international competitions that take place in Tallinn. This year, the city's support for various major competitions totals more than 800,000 euros. Tallinn, as a seaside city and the city of the 1980 Olympic regatta, has always supported the various sailing regattas held here.

"Such events bring the attention of sports fans to both the capital and Estonia. But it is also a great recognition for the city and our sports federations, which are trusted to host such important and world-class sports events. It is also a recognition for our sports audience!" says Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev.


Host Sponsor

The Ministry of Culture is responsible for national culture, sport and heritage conservation, it promotes arts, and coordinates the state’s media policy, audiovisual policy, and the implementation of the integration strategy.


The Ministry of Culture on behalf of the state creates opportunities for culture to develop and to improve the accessibility to various cultural and sports events. All Estonian residents must have a chance to create culture and to partake in it.


The state supports amateur sports, professional sports and youth sports and is interested in promoting physical activity among Estonians. To this end, the state supports various sports organisations and invests in the construction of sports facilities and exercise facilities, and upgrading the existing facilities.

Pantaenius_web_450x250 (1).png

Official Insurance Partner & Day Sponsor - Short Offshore Race

Pantaenius provides yacht insurance all over the world. With over 100,000 clients Pantaenius is the number one brand in Europe. The company operates also in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Pantaenius offers insurance for owners of sailing and motor boats, as well as for charterers. Whatever happens to your yacht and wherever you are in the world, Pantaenius knows the places and people who can help.

Pantaenius offers the insurance policies designed to cover you for common risks in yachting:  Yacht Hull, Third Party Liability, Personal Accident, Yacht Total Loss, Skipper Liability, Charter Packages and Bond Insurance.

Our Commitment – Come what may!

Ask a tailor-made insurance protection for your sailing and motor yacht

Tactical Foodpack_web_450x250 (1).png

Day Sponsor - Long Offshore Race

The idea for Tactical Foodpack (TFP) came from a medic in the Estonian Special Operations Force who in his everyday work was faced with complicated conditions that put both physical and mental health to the test.


TFP team has created a product line that offers a long shelf-life with no added preservatives or additives – it’s all natural, honest, and has a home-made feel to it. Just pour hot water on the food, wait a beat, and enjoy delicious flavours straight from the pouch.


Sverre Puustusmaa, CEO of Tactical Foodpack: “Coming from the military background, I know how important is to choose the right tactics in competitive sports. Therefore, we have decided to choose a direction in our company to support tactical sports and sailing is a tactical sport undoubtedly. But in order to be successful in sailing, you also need a good motivated team. One of the motivators is definitely good food. And if you put these 2 things together - the right tactics and good food for the team, you will certainly succeed!”


Tactical Sailing needs Tactical Food!

Alter Marine_web_450x250.png

Day Sponsor - Inshore Races

Alter Baltics OÜ story began in 1998. Due to the owners' high passion for sailing and boating, Alter Marine was born in 2003. Initially, only marine electronics were sold, but other marine equipment and boats were soon added to the product range.

Today, Alter Marine handles sales and distribution in all Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our marine department mainly distributes Navico brands (Lowrance, Simrad, Simrad Commercial and B&G) in all three Baltic states.


We are excited to sponsor Wednesday Inshore Races. Feel free to visit us throughout the regatta with any questions you might have with your B&G electronics.

Come and find us!

Rotermann City_web_450x250.png

Day Sponsor - Inshore Races

Lined by the harbour, the Old Town and the Viru Centre shopping mall, lies the Rotermann Quarter, the official centre-point of Tallinn. Being the meeting point of three main roads, the quarter was busy as far back as the 19th century. That’s probably why an entrepreneur called Christian Abraham Rotermann found the place and founded his company there in 1829. Rotermann’s factory produced building equipment, and soon also housed a distillery, a pasta factory, and it wasn't long before Tallinn’s largest mill followed it into the neighbourhood.


The Rotermann Quarter has almost as many historically valuable buildings as the Old Town of Tallinn. The Rotermann Quarter gives visitors an extraordinary opportunity to spend quality time in quieter and smaller urban areas, discovering shops, restaurants, and wine bars fit for both everyday life and occasions that are more refined.


The Stalker’s Path (Stalkeri käik) is named after the famous Russian film ”Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky, filmed on this very spot back in 1979. The path is the latest and undoubtedly the most delicious part of the whole Rotermann Quarter. Many restaurants and cafés have recently opened in the old grain elevator, serving all kinds of delicacies for their hungry clients.


Day Sponsor - Inshore Races

Amserv is the market leader in car sales and service in Estonia. We aim to offer freedom of mobility for all through personal and innovative solutions, and hospitality.

We value development and strategic partnerships in every field: we support culture, focus strongly on solving environmental challenges, and contribute generously to the activities of young sportsmen and women and school sports.

We value an active way of life and sporting activities, and we want to help people develop regular fitness habits. We are a major sponsor of many competitions related to sailing, for children and adults.

Board member of Amserv Auto AS and Toyota brand manager, Margus Nõmmik, who himself is a true sailing enthusiast, is delighted that Amserv has greatly contributed to the development of Estonian sailing and young people in the sport: “Amserv has been connected with sailing for several years. We were one of the first companies in the Estonian sport sailing scene with a yacht in our colours. Many of Amserv’s employees, their family members or children are passionate yachtsmen and women. Sailing is close to our hearts and you can find flags in our colours and vehicles with the Toyota logo in almost all the major yacht harbours in Estonia.”

Amserv is in the same boat with yachtsmen and women!

Karla-Auto-OK_web_450x250 (1).png

Live Tracking Sponsor

Karla Auto O.K. Ltd has 30 years of professional diesel engine repair experience.


Now we started to clean DPF (Diesel Particule Filter) filters. 5 years ago, in cooperation with Italian engineers, Karla Auto started developing DPF filter cleaning technology witch we call FF- Solution. Today we can proudly confirm that we have succeeded. We have cleaned over 5,000 filters and we can guarantee that the filter will be 100% clean after cleaning.


The technology we developed  is environmental friendly and economical.


What is Diesel Particle Filter DPF?

Most modern diesel cars and trucks  (EURO 4, EURO 5, EURO 6) are equipped with DPF filters and catalysts for exhaust gas cleaning. The main function of the catalyst is to clean the exhaust gases of harmful chemical compounds during the chemical process. The purpose of the filter (DPF) is to trap unburned soot and other solid particles (such as ash) in the exhaust. Diesel engines also use a combination of catalysts and particulate filters. Clogged DPF must not be changed anymore.

Based on our long experience, we recommend that the DPF soot filter should be serviced annually to avoid unexpected problems on the road.

Read more about the various technologies for cleaning clogged filters at 


Official Beer Supplier

Saku Brewery (Saku Õlletehas) is one of the largest beverage producers in Estonia. With history dating back to 1820 it is the oldest still operating brewery in Estonia. From small brew kitchen to leading beer producer in Estonia the road has been inspiring and interesting stretching over two centuries. 

In 1993, two years after restoration of Estonian independency, Saku launched Estonian first branded quality beer – Saku Originaal which today has reached legend status among Estonian beer consumers and in beer history. 

Today Saku is no longer just a beer producer. Its portfolio consists of local and international brands in beer, cider, long drink, water and energy drinks categories. Saku Brewery’s is part of Carlsberg Group giving Saku the quality standard which validates the brews and has helped to open the door to close to 20 export destinations where Saku’s brews are sold.

Sport is part of Saku Brewery’s DNA. Throughout decades Saku has supported individual performances to national teams to help develop Estonian sport culture


Official Wine Supplier

As one of the oldest winemaking companies in Germany, Deinhard is proud to look back to a tradition of 250 years of passion and expertise in winemaking. Long before the concept of globalization was even considered  Deinhard was already a firmly established international brand, with subsidiaries across every continent in the world. Quite an achievement considering the challenges of communication , long distances and time delays that international trade involved in those times.


Our wines have have sailed oceans for over 250 years and are delivered to accompany various occasions that bring „la joie de vivre“,  such as the Alexela ORC Worlds 2021.


With a lion's pride we are sponsoring today's regatta wishing you smooth sailing and great enjoyment! 


Official Gear Supplier

Sportland is the only sports goods retail chain that operates in all three Baltic countries. Sportland´s product selection is the best combination of the sharpest trademarks of sports and casual products. Sportland is an international chain of retail stores that sells the world´s best sports and casual goods.


The mission of Sportland is to make the life of young people more interesting, better and emotional by products and services offered by Sportland.

The vision of Sportland is to be the best retail environment in the world that sells and markets sports and leisure lifestyles.

One Sails_web_450x250 (1).png

Official Sails Partner and Overnight Service Provider

OneSails is a global network that adheres to independent sail lofts all over the world, which exports the world's most successful Made in Italy through an innovative business model: a service network whose DNA is represented by top-level professional sailmakers, exclusive technologies and an original image.


OneSails is the pinnacle of more than 40 years of experience in design and technology for the construction of high performance sails. OneSails sails are made with exclusive 4T FORTE ™ continuous yarns composite design and technology to ensure quality, durability and performance. OneSails also produces and develops custom products and vintage sails.

When the experience shapes the future

OneSails will support both warm-up regatta - OneSails Cup 2021 - as well the Alexela ORC Worlds 2021 being the Official Sails Partner and Overnight Service Provider.


Official Video Production and Media Partner 

Telia Eesti AS is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the Baltic states and member of Telia Company. Telia’s mission is to further the development of society and make Estonia a better place to live and work. Telia is inspired by the possibility of using technology to make people’s lives easier and more convenient.

At Telia we constantly reinvent what better connected lives, businesses, cities and societies look like. We provide the backbone of the digital society – connectivity – as well as innovative solutions that are vital in creating a better future. Digitalization is a catalyst for innovation and can pave the way for reducing inequalities and managing natural resources in a sustainable way.

Telia is committed to turning the 2020s into a decade of accelerated action by making significant contributions towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Official Media Partner

Postimees (The Postman) is an Estonian daily newspaper established on 1 January 1857, by Johann Voldemar Jannsen. In 1891, it became the first daily newspaper in Estonia.[1] Its current editor-in-chief is Mart Raudsaar. The paper has approximately 250 employees.

Postimees is currently published six days a week and has the largest circulation and readership in Estonia with 55,000 copies sold during the workweek and over 72,000 on weekends.[2]


Ninety-seven percent of the paper's circulation is subscription-based with only three percent sold individually. The weekend edition of Postimees, published on Saturdays, includes several separate sections: AK (Arvamus ja Kultuur), Arter, and a television-guide.


The publisher of Postimees, AS Postimees is owned by Postimees Group (until the autumn of 2013 it was owned by Norwegian group Schibsted).

Sailing sport has had the online "home" at for many years and Alexela ORC Worlds 2021 is no exception to have Postimees as a Media Partner. You can read daily news, follow live tracking, live broadcasts from the ceremonies and daily broadcasts by Telia/Inspira at 8 pm on August 10-14.