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Dear sailors!


The organizers of Alexela ORC World Championship 2021 are honoured to invite you to Sailors’ Dinner on Wednesday, August 11 at 7 pm on Ceremony Square.


The event is by invitation only and included in the entry fee. The invitations have been distributed to team representatives in the welcome-bags according to the number of team members provided upon boat registration.  Dress code: team outfit (possibility to take team photos).

The event is powered by our good partners Reval Cafe – Catering Partner, Deinhard – Official Wine Supplier, Saku Brewery – Official Beer Supplier and Alexela – Title Sponsor and Official Water Supplier.

Catering by Reval Cafe



Potato and smoked salmon salad (G)
Caesar salad with chicken (G)
Tomato salad with feta cheese (L, G, V)
Pan fried Baltic herring (L)
Chicken skewers with creamy chanterelle sauce (L, G)
Low and slow cooked pork in barbecue sauce (L)

Oven baked potatoes with herbs (L, G, V)
Grilled vegetables (L, G, V)
Coleslaw salad (G, V)
Salted pickles (L, G, V)

Something sweet
Raspberry petit four
Chocolate foundante

L -lactose-free

G - gluten free
V- vegetarian

We are truly honoured to serve Sailors' Dinner. Our Head Chef Martti Koppel has put together very simple and classical yet delicious dinner menu. We hope you will enjoy it!

The goal of Reval Café Catering is to offer its existing and new customers a party and catering service experience that exceeds expectations in the best way possible. The hard-working team of Reval Café Catering helps to organise important personal and corporate events and celebrations - from idea to realisation. The key to our success is reliable quality and customer service, as well as our dedicated teamwork.


Kaisa-Liisa Urke
Head of service
Reval Catering

Deinhard Green Label Riesling

Official Wine of the Regatta


This wine is a classic Mosel wine, medium sweet, with slate stone minerality, exotic fruit flavours of pineapple, peach and mango supported by fresh hints of citrus and the sweetness of apples and honey makes it a juicy everyday wine.


To enjoy an experience of Deinhard is to enjoy over 250 years of passion, expertise and a lion’s pride for winemaking.


As one of the oldes wine producers in Germany, we continue to built on our heritage of the pioneering spirit of our founder.


With individual expressions to meet any tastes, Deinhard promises contemporary style, crafted over centuries.


With a lion's pride we are sponsoring today's regatta wishing you smooth sailing and great enjoyment!


Music by Anna Darling Band

Anna Darling band.jpg
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