Covid-19 Information

Up-to-date Information on the Coronavirus Situation


It is the intention and goal of the Organizing Authority to hold this event as scheduled. As everyone can recognize, the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing and many travel restrictions have been in place for some time.


Although the organizers are hopeful for improvements, the situation remains dynamic and it is not clear what changes in circumstances will occur as we move forward.


The situation is being regularly monitored and any decisions that are made affecting the schedule of the event will be communicated with applicants as soon as possible after being made. 

Event organizers cannot provide guarantees against potential travel restrictions for any specific individuals at any time. It is up to each potential team and competitor to evaluate his or her personal situation and make logistical and financial decisions about their ability to participate and the possible risks involved. 

If for any reason you will not be able to take part of the championship, payments will be fully refunded when the entry will be cancelled until the Early Bird deadline (June 1st), after this date entry fee will be refunded as provided by the Notice of Race.

The Estonian authorities are monitoring the situation and introduce measures where and when needed. Please check both the Estonian and your home country's regulations before travelling.

If there are some restrictions still in place in August, the non-racing aspects of the event may need to be modified but the racing portion of the event will be held as planned.


We will be taking every step to meet our responsibilities to deliver a safe and controlled event and we adjust our actions and protocols to keep everyone safe in the Covid-19 pandemic.


FAQ - COVID-19 vaccination, self-isolation, Crossing the Estonian border, personal protection equipment


The electronic declaration of health for those arriving in Estonia can be filled out as early as 24 hours before arrival. This makes border crossing smoother and people do not have to stand in line to fill out a declaration on paper. The confirmation of the border crossing declaration sent to your e-mail may be asked on the border. You can show it electronically or print it out before your travel. 

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