The Tallinn City supports the offshore sailing ORC World Championships

Press Conference of the Tallinn City - photo Mats Õun

Every year, the city of Tallinn supports title competitions in various sports and major international competitions that take place in Tallinn. This year, the city's support for various major competitions totals more than 800,000 euros. Tallinn, as a seaside city and the city of the 1980 Olympic regatta, has always supported the various sailing regattas held here.

Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev noted that the city has a long tradition of supporting top international sports events taking place here, which brings the attention of sports fans to both the capital and Estonia. "But it is also a great recognition for the city and our sports federations, which are trusted to host such important and world-class sports events. It is also a recognition for our sports audience," said Belobrovtsev.

Sailing and ice sailing are the most successful sports in Estonia with their medals of more than 300 title competitions, and almost every year in Estonia, mostly in Tallinn, the title competition of some boat classes is held. This year, the offshore sailing ORC World Championships, the Techno 293 Windsurfing Class European Championships and the Folkboot Gold Cup boat class will take place in Tallinn.

The ORC World Championships will be held in Estonia for the first time, previously the ORC European Championships have been held here, which took place in 2015 in Pärnu.

ORC World Championship is a very big and important competition. Estonian sailors have been successful in ORC title competitions in the last decade. "For the last seven years, our offshore sailors have won 18 medals in the title competitions - if Estonians are competing, they are also favorites. There have also been such championships where we have filled the entire podium,” comments Kalev Vapper, the President of the Estonian Yachting Union and the Commodore of the main organizer of the World Championships, Kalev Yacht Club.

"So far 120 yachts from 14 countries have registered for the World Championships to be held on August 6th to 14th: 7 in Class A, 38 in Class B and 75 in Class C. We believe that with five months to go yet, we will see both more participants and countries," adds Kalev Vapper.

The ORC European Championship held in Estonia in 2015 are still remembered as very well-organized title regatta. It also gave Estonia good credit for the right to host the World Championships. Hopefully, the ORC World Championships in Tallinn will be just as successful.

Since 2013 Estonian teams have won 18 medals from the ORC title events:

  • 2013 Sugar - EC Gold, Premium - EC Silver, Katariina II -EC Silver

  • 2014 Forte - WC Gold

  • 2015 Forte - EC Gold, Premium - EC Silver

  • 2016 Katariina II - EC Gold, Sugar - EC Silver

  • 2017 Premium - EC Bronze, Katariina II - EC Silver, Sugar - EC Bronze

  • 2018 Olympic - WC Bronze

  • 2018 Technonicol - EC Gold, Katariina II - EC Gold

  • 2019 Sugar - WC Gold

  • 2019 Matilda 4 - EC Gold, Katariina II - EC Silver, Postimees ST - EC Bronze

Here is the Hall of Fame of the ORC European and World Championships:

I - Matilda IV of Arne Veske; II - Katariina II of Aivar Tuulberg; III - Postimees Sailing Team of Sven Nuutmann
2019 ORC European Championship in Sweden - C Class podium - photo © Felix Diemer

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