The flag of the Alexela ORC Worlds 2021 was hoisted on sailboat Bellingshausen in Greenland

On the day, 8th of August 2021, when the Alexela ORC World Championship 2021 - Tallinn, Estonia was declared open in Tallinn, Estonia, the flag of the event was also hoisted on Estonian sailboat Bellingshausen. A group of Estonian sailors and scientists are on a sailing trip to the Arctic; the purpose of the trip is to draw attention to climate change in the region. The owners of the Worlds' title sponsor Alexela are also within the group of the owners of sailboat Bellingshausen and sailing is taken to heart at Alexela.

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On that day, August 8, the boat was sailing near Greenland and CJ Kask sent an incredible footage from there to celebrate the opening of the Alexela ORC Worlds in Tallinn.

The Vice President of the Alexela Group, Marti Hääl, stated that Alexela has supported sailing for its entire 30-year history since maritime culture was in the childhood upbringing of its owners. "Sailing is an excellent sport and supporting it on different levels – from children starting in the Optimist class to offshore sailing – is taken to heart at Alexela.”

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