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Closing date for the Corinthian entries is July 26th

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

We have less than three weeks to go to the most anticipated event in the ORC sailing in 2021 – Alexela ORC World Championship 2021 in Tallinn on August 6-14.

The organizers have a few requests to you.

1. Please start to include your crew lists to the entry system in Manage2Sail for the smooth organization and planning.

2. According to the Worlds' Notice of Race, for the CORINTHIAN DIVISION (non-professional) and TROPHY, the World Sailing Sailor Categorization Code, Regulation 22 shall apply and all crew shall hold a valid Group 1 classification. Unclassified sailors will be deemed to be Group 3.

A sign-up form HERE has been sent to each entry's contact email addresses via Manage2Sail on July 20th with a request to response, when your boat wants to sign up for the Corinthian Division.

NOTE - The closing date for the receipt of valid Corinthian entries shall be July 26th 2021.

Each entry shall include a complete crew list and show the classification and World Sailing Sailor ID for each crew in the Worlds' entry system in Manage2Sail.

! All crew shall hold valid classifications prior to this date that do not expire until after the final day of the regatta. Late entries and incomplete entries cannot be considered for this division.!

Details of the World Sailing Sailor Categorization Code and information on how to apply can be found on the World Sailing website: The system is functional albeit with a manual application form.

READ MORE about the Corinthian Division and Trophy in the Notice of Race paragraph 6.

Trophies will be awarded to:

- The top three overall boats in each class;

- The top three Corinthian boats in each class.

At the discretion of the organizers, all race winners will be awarded both in overall and Corinthian divisions.

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