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Alexela operates in three areas: energy, the metal industry and property development. Their strategic projects for the coming years are the development of an LNG terminal in Paldiski, increasing the use of liquid gas as vehicle fuel and increasing the volumes of electricity generation and shale oil production.



Every year, the City of Tallinn supports title competitions in various sports and major international competitions that take place in Tallinn. This year, the city's support for various major competitions totals more than 800,000 euros. Tallinn, as a seaside city and the city of the 1980 Olympic regatta, has always supported the various sailing regattas held here.

"Such events bring the attention of sports fans to both the capital and Estonia. But it is also a great recognition for the city and our sports federations, which are trusted to host such important and world-class sports events. It is also a recognition for our sports audience!" says Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev.

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